Congratulations Mr and Mrs Spears…. you’ve given birth to a happy, healthy baby company! What are you going to name him… eh… her… it.

Richard: I think we will call him iTronix Labs. Little “i” and Capital “T”.

Doctor: Okay… how did you come up with that?

A little clever play on words. He will be dealing with electronics, and probably primarily Apple products, iPhone, iPad, you know…

Very clever.

There’s actually a story of how iTronix was conceived, and it’s hardly x-rated. You can read the back story here. I like to tell people that I’m a “former” Apple evangelist. I still believe they make great products, I just don’t like the way they treat their customers like dumb sheep.

I’ve had some people ask me if I have a grudge against Apple. Hardly. I like to think that I help people who have been pushed into a corner by Apple.

I’d like to walk around the Apple store with a big sign that says “if Apple tried to get you to buy a new device when your old one is damaged, I can help… and for a fraction of the cost” I think that would be successful and satisfying.