Itronix Labs in San Antonio Texas can repair your damaged charge port
Damaged USB-C port

By far, the most common repair that I do (as well as most repair shops) is Charge Port Replacement. If you think about how many gadgets that we use, where we must plug it in to charge it… laptops, phones, headsets, bluetooth speakers… I even have a motorcycle helmet with a USB-C port so I can charge up the bluetooth in it. So what happens? Maybe the laptop is plugged in on a countertop, and someone bumps it enough that the laptop falls, and the cable connected to it takes the weight on it.

Next thing you know, the charge port is acting wonky. You plug it in and nothing happens, but maybe if you wiggle the cable around, or push up on it, it begins charging. This means that the microscopic pins on the port that attach to the logic board are cracked or broken. Wiggling it around makes the connection, and energy can temporarily flow through it. This usually doesn’t last very long, and before you know it, no amount of wiggling will get the device to charge. So many times, I’ve heard people say that they’ve thrown away a tablet or phone just because it won’t charge anymore.

So what should you do? Let’s say that your device is made by Apple (because I love picking on their version of ‘customer support’) You take it to Apple and tell them the charging port is messed up. You’d like to have it repaired. If they agree to repair it, get ready for the sticker shock price tag. They would rather sell you a new device.

Many times, in order to repair a charge port, it will require the repair person to have a high quality microscope, and micro soldering equipment (soldering tips as thin as a needle). In addition, the person will need to have the knowledge and ability to solder pins the size of a human hair under a microscope. It’s not for the inexperienced hobbyist.

Spread the word. Don’t throw away devices that have a damaged charge port. If you are local in the Texas Hill Country/San Antonio area, call me. If you’re not in my area, send it to me and I’ll repair your device and send it back quickly.

Itronix Labs can repair damaged charge port
Damaged HP laptop Charge Port